A solution for utilities

MetroBilling is an integrated solution for the automation of billing and metering data management and business processes for utilities. It provides optimal benefit for utilities management. With its modern metering system functionality and its easy-to-use instrument for data management, data analysis, automated billing and client relation management Metrobilling provides an effective solution for covering all of these requirements. MetroBilling is compatible with all meters and can be easily integrated with SCADA and distribution management systems.

Its flexibility and high level of customization permits water, gas, and electricity providers to easily adapt different payment schedules, comply with all tariff-setting regulatory requirements and manage energy balances and losses in any metering system's layout.

With MetroBilling, utilities can:

  • Decrease metering and billing systems operational costs

  • Guarantee safe and reliable data management

  • Boost system sustainability

  • Improve service quality and customer experience

  • Enhance payment collection and credit protection procedures


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