MetroBilling Training

PortaOne training and application engineers deliver high-quality interactive education and training programs to MetroBilling customers worldwide.

The cost of one-day training is included in the price of commercial license for MetroBilling.

The training can help your organization increase the value derived from deploying MetroBilling by:

  • Reducing the time required to achieve business benefits

  • Promoting continuous process improvement to accelerate returns on software investments

  • Increasing acceptance by partners and customers

  • Improving the reliability and quality of operations and newly-installed software

Our application engineers can conduct the training in either PortaOne offices in Canada and Europe or right at the customer location.

The on-site training at customer’s location is obviously preferable (with rare exceptions of destinations on the government do-not-visit lists), since in that case everyone involved in the project can participate, while the costs of flying one trainer to the customer location will be considerably lower for MetroBilling owner than flying the whole customer team to Canada or Europe.

Transportation and accommodation expenses are not included in the cost of the training. PortaOne will choose and purchase an economy fare return flight that fits the training schedule. Our trainers are currently located in Western Canada and Central and Eastern Europe. Obviously, the airfare will vary depending on the exact destination and time of travel.

For calls and faxes from:
Canada and the USA
+1 888 P1 METER
+1 888 716 3837
Outside North America
+1 604 628 2559