Solutions for independent power producers

The opening and liberalization of power markets - along with the continually increasing role of alternative energy sources (mainly wind, small hydropower, biogas, biomass and solar power generation) resulted in the emergence of independent power producers (IPP) and non-utility generators (NUG).

IPPs and NUGs can be privately-held facilities, corporations and even cooperatives made up of individuals or households. MetroBilling has technological solutions for every type of IPP and NUG.

MetroBilling allows IPPs and NUGs to set up net energy metering (NEM) with incumbent utilities, and therefore reduce operational costs - something very important for small, private generators.

For those IPPs and NUGs that have guaranteed access to the grid with long-term contracts - whose power generation sales are not just a by-product, MetroBilling can define and separate their electricity consumption and calculate feed-in tariffs (FiT) to introduce an additional source of revenue. MetroBilling also provides IPPs and NUGs with efficient instruments for real-time monitoring of facilities' output.

The deployment of a MetroBilling flexible billing engine and data acquisition mechanism acts as a clearing tool for co-op members as well. MetroBilling is an indispensable tool for the retail power sales of IPPs and NUGs.

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