How It works

MetroBilling provides a unified SCADA and billing platform for multiple utility supply services (e.g. electricity, gas, water, sewage), which allows property owners/managers, utility operators, and service providers to:

  • Gather and store the data from meters

  • Measure end customer resource usage

  • Calculate charges for consumed resources

  • Introduce energy conservation

  • Notify consumers and send statements via e-mail

MetroBilling acts as the nerve center of the smart meter network. The information on the meters connected to the LAN is entered to the system along with customer accounts, tariffs, and other data via the web interface.

The system can communicate with any type of advanced smart meter which has its full description in an XML-format. It receives the raw data from the meters, processes it, and stores in the database.

For calls and faxes from:
Canada and the USA
+1 888 P1 METER
+1 888 716 3837
Outside North America
+1 604 628 2559